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Crowdsourcing;Crowdsourcing in the field of interface design takes tasks traditionally performed by specific individuals and spreads them out among a group of people or a community. These assignments are usually done through an open call. Crowdsourcing has become increasingly popular with the growth of Web 2.0 and online communities.;Write a fifteen to eighteen (15-16) page paper in which you;Examine the invention and growth of crowdsourcing in the field of interface design.;Describe the impact that crowdsourcing has had on the field of interface design.;Analyze and discuss at least three (3) benefits of incorporating crowdsourcing in a design project.;Analyze and discuss at least three (3) challenges of incorporating crowdsourcing in a design project.;Propose a solution for generating interest in your design project from an online community.;Suggest a solution for evaluating the skill set and quality of the code submitted by potentially unknown users.;Describe how crowdsourcing may affect the budget and timeline of a design project.;Assess crowdsourcing in regard to the legal, societal, and ethical issues it raises, and suggest methods to alleviate these concerns.;Use at least five (5) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.;The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are;Compare and contrast the design and development processes in HCI.;Describe legal, societal, and ethical issues in HCI design.;Describe the inherent design issues across HCI environments.;Analyze and evaluate interface design models.;Use technology and information resources to research issues in human-computer interaction.;Write clearly and concisely about HCI topics using proper writing mechanics and technical style conventions.;CIS/524;CIS:524;CIS524;CIS 524


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