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knowledge areas of Project Management (a.k.a the Project Management Framework).




According to PMBOK Fifth Edtion, there are 10 knowledge areas of Project Management (a.k.a the Project Management Framework).;These are;Integration Management - A, M, S;Scope Management - D, P, J;Schedule Management - B, Q, T;Cost Management - C, W;Quality Management - F, U;HR Management - E, N, V;Communication Management - G, O, Y;Risk Management - I, M, Z the following questions should be written about risk management;Procurement Management - K, R, X;Stakeholder Management - H, L;Following each of the areas above is a letter. If your last name begins with that letter, you are to research the area and;1) Thoroughly Define PMBOK and its purpose as it relates to Project Mangement.;2) Thoroughly define the knowledge area.;3) Define the processes used within knowledge area;4) Define the techniques/concepts used to manage the knowledge area.;5) Define any Input and Outputs of the knowledge area.;6) Define any key terms of the knowledge area.;7) Define how the knowledge area relates to the rest of the knowledge areas.


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