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6 Questions that should be answered in question format;Example Question 1.... answer;Question 2.... answer.;NOT A PAPER;1. discuss how server virtualization, architecture, and Hyper-V can create advantages and efficiencies for an enterprise, including considerations for how to decide what an enterprise should factor in when calculating Return on Investment (ROI) before moving into server virtualization.;2. Explore the considerations useful when creating a terminal server farm, including additional streams of business income to cover ROI calculations, such as efficiencies in licensing, energy use, selling of resources (such as storage or computing and the attendant contractual responsibilities), as well as the advantages and disadvantages in elasticity of your own resources.;3. Various high-availability technologies are part of the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in many organizations. Considering the cost of implementation, identify which technology you think will give you the best ROI and why.;4. The 2001 terrorist attacks in NY and the subsequent collapse of the World Trade Center buildings had IT officials all over the world scrambling to revisit their high-availability implementations. Speculate on the lessons learned after 9/11 attacks in terms of disaster recovery. Describe what companies might do now that they were not doing before.;5. Speculate on the primary concerns of deploying AD RMS in a corporate environment. Recommend a strategy that you might use to mitigate these types of concerns during the initial implementation of the AD RMS. Provide a rational for your recommendation.;6. Select one (1) of the features of AD RMS and provide an example of an ideal situation or scenario in which an organization would implement the chosen feature. Next, provide an example of a situation or scenario in which an organization would want to restrict the use of your chosen feature. Justify your chosen examples.


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