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INFA 670 Information Assurance Capstone




INFA 670 Information Assurance Capstone;Assignment 1 Instructions;Assignment 1 ? Worth 3%;Instructions;1. In the context of information processing, computer security and trusted systems, explain what is meant by the following terms and why we want to use them;? Authentication;? Two factor authentication;? Multifactor authentication, and;? Authorization.;2. Search the web using Google or some other search engine for existing commercially available two factor authentication software packages and choose one.;3. Next search for authorization software packages and choose one.;4. Describe both packages.;5. For each package analyze the strengths, weaknesses, economics (i.e. cost and licensing), and the Information Technology environment(s) in which each can operate.;You may use diagrams and examples in order to facilitate your response if you believe it would help.;Submit this assignment to your Assignment Folder before the submission deadline.;Other Requirements;1. This question must be answered in your own words. However, when you use the words of others in any answers, you must use quotation marks and attribute the source right there following APA style. Also be sure to cite references right there using APA style when you paraphrase the words of others.;2. You need to include a bibliography of all sources used in answering the questions following APA format guidelines;3. This assignment requires research beyond the text, lecture notes, and conferences, so you may use any resources in addition to the textbook, such as other books, articles, and the Web.;4. You must do your own work and you may not collaborate with your classmates.;5. Adequate answers for this question should be not less than Three (3) and no more than Six (6) double?spaced pages, with one?inch margins and 12?point font.;6. The bibliography is outside the scope of the number of pages.;7. Answers will be evaluated using the following criteria: Key content, Logical flow, Clarity, spelling, Grammar, and proper citations/bibliography.;End of Assignment Instructions


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