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COMP274 Lab7 ? Java Doc for Lab 2 (Person) and Jar File for Screensaver ? Guaranteed 100% score




COMP274;Week 7 Programming Assignment;Documentation;The objective of this part of the lab is to create documentation using Javadoc for the project from week 2. The following documentation requirements must be met.;1. All commentary must use standard JavaDoc comments and tags.;2. For every class add a class level comment including the author and the purpose of the class.;3. Where one class heavily depends on the use of an object from another class, provide a link to the other class using the @see tag.;4. For every method, add a method level comment which includes information on the purpose of the method, the method parameters, and the result returned by the method.;5. Use the javadoc command to generate HTML files for your project.;6. Use the browser to view your generated documentation to verify that all the required information for all the classes is included.;Consult the document provided describing how to export JavaDoc comments from Eclipse.;When your documentation is complete, turn in the following;1. A Zip file of the directory which contains all the documentation pages generated by running Javadoc.;2. A Word document containing all the source code you added JavaDoc comments to.;Deployment;Create an executable JAR file for the ScreenSaver project from week 5. The JAR file must contain all the class files needed to make the ScreenSaver work. Consult the document provided describing how to export a JAR file from Eclipse. To test if you have made your JAR file correctly, double click on your JAR file using Windows Explorer. The ScreenSaver should start running. If you are on Citrix, you will need to copy your Jar file to a local computer before you can successfully execute it.;When you have successfully executed your JAR file, turn in a copy of your JAR file to your instructor. You will probably need to put this into a Zip file to successfully deliver it to your instructor.


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