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COMP 274;Week 6 Homework;Reading Assignment;Lecture;Chapter 13 ? Sections 1 thru 7;Chapter 19;Homework Questions;1. What is the difference between throwing an exception and catching an exception?;2. How does a method declare that it can throw an exception? How does it actually throw an exception? Use Java code to illustrate your answer.;3. Explain the difference between a checked exception and an unchecked exception.;4. What happens if an exception does not have a matching catch block?;5. What can a catch block do with the exception object that it receives?;6. What is the purpose of the finally block?;7. What is the difference between text I/O and binary I/O?;8. What happens if you try to create a FileInputStream on a file that does not exist?;9. What happens if you try to create a FileOutputStream on a file that does not exist?;10. What are BufferedInput/OutputStreams and why are they used? Write some Java code to illustrate how to create a BufferedInputStream.;11. Write the line of code you would need to open the file c:\temp\mydata.txt for reading primitive data values from the file such as doubles, floats, ints, etc.;12. Write lines of code to create object input and output streams for the file c:\temp\mydata.out.;13. What is the difference between sequential access and random access?


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