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there are 6 questions. Answer in question format not a paper.;Example Question 1 answer;Question 2 answer....;And so on;1. Describe the intricacies of planning for a Windows Media Services deployment and how the process would differ between a highly secure installation versus an enterprise without highly sensitive data to protect, but a need for quick collaboration with widely varying clients;2. Discuss SharePoint services and various SharePoint options as well as Windows Media Rights Management to handle the requirements of different enterprise scenarios, such as one that requires the use of quick collaboration and the use of video resource-sharing vs. the needs of collaboration between a geographically diverse workgroup needing to share sensitive files and monitor file access and changes.;3. take a position on whether the Windows Media Right Management (DRM) is similar to the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in server 2008.;4. In January 2012, the U.S. court put the Megaupload site offline after an operation led by the FBI authorities accused Megaupload, a site that lets you store files online, of violating copyright laws and facilitating piracy. At the same time, YouTube, a similar site, is protected from shutdown and lawsuits by the "Safe Harbor" provision of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. It states that a host is not responsible for copyrighted materials uploaded by users as long as they can be taken down when requested by the copyright holders. Take a stance on the U.S. authorities? decision and discuss the ethical concerns of copyrighted materials online. State if this shutdown will help deter piracy and why YouTube should or should not be shut down.;5. Imagine you are an administrator for a large corporation that has just purchased a new company. To access some of the HR resources, a Website was created. Discuss the manner in which you can use the purchased company?s usernames and passwords to provide authentication and authorization to the parent Website. The goal is to allow employees from the new company to use their own user account and password to access the new Website.;6. Using the scenario from question (5) of this discussion, suppose an additional Website was created that will be used to input confidential information by users. Your task is to ensure that when data is entered by the user and sent to the Web server, the data that is sent over the network is encrypted. Recommend the approach you would use to secure this information. Additionally, provide specifics on the manner in which digital certificates are used in encrypting the data.


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