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The following code is meant to find the largest python




Question 1: The following code is meant to find the largest item of a list, but the lines are out of order. The following code is meant to define such a function, but the lines are out of order. In your answer put the line numbers in the correct order and introduce appropriate indentation (indent the line numbers to show how the corresponding lines would be indented in your code). Do not write the entire corrected program in your answer.;1 if number > largest;2 numbers = [3, 5, 2, 1, 4];3 print largest;4 largest = number;5 for number in numbers;6 largest = 0;Question 2: Describe two different ways to represent a birthday register, i.e. the names of your friends and their birth dates. Assume that none of your friends have the same name, but that it is possible for two or more of them to share the same birthday. Do not represent the date as a string. Show how the following data would be represented in both models.;2/Jan Asimov;3/Jan Tolkien;18/July Mandela;18/July Branson;Question 3: Explain the purpose of the following code;d = {};for x in open("data.txt").read().split();if x not in d;d[x] = 0;d[x] += 1;Question 4: Consider the following code: 1. signFlag = False;2. evenFlag = False;3. inputstr = raw_input("Enter two numbers: ");4. num1 = int(inputstr.split(", ")[0]);5. num2 = int(inputstr.split(", ")[1]);6. if num1 = 0;10. sign = 'positive;11. signFlag = True;12. if num1%2 == 0 and num2%2 == 0;13. num = 'even;14. evenFlag = True;15. if num1%2 != 0 and num2%2 != 0;16. num = 'odd;17. evenFlag = True;18. if signFlag and evenFlag;19. print num1, 'and', num2, 'are both', sign, 'and', num;20. elif signFlag;21. print num1, 'and', num2, 'are both', sign;22. elif evenFlag;23. print num1, 'and', num2, 'are both', num;24. else;25. print num1, 'and', num2, 'have nothing in common;--Assume that the input is "-12, 14". Using the given line numbers in this code (at the far left of the listing) list the order (by writing down the line number order) that the code will be executed.;--What is the output for the input "-12, -14"?;--What is the output for the input "-3, 9"?;--Explain in detail what the program does.;Question 5: Write a function file_length(filename) which takes the name of a file as its only parameter, and returns an integer specifying the number of lines in the file.;Question 6: Write a function middleReverse() that takes a lowercase string as an argument and returns a lowercase string that is the reverse of the original string except for the first and last letter. You may not use the method reverse().;Examples;The call middleReverse('a') returns 'a'.;The call middleReverse('at') returns 'at'.;The call middleReverse('excitement') returns 'enemeticxt'. The call middleReverse('racecar') returns 'racecar'.


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