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Assignment #3: Applying CSS to HTML;In this assignment you will be creating an HTML document, saving three separate versions;of it, one without any CSS, one with CSS applied externally and one with CSS embedded;and uploading the documents to the Web.;Instructions;1.Create content;? Choose a fictional character, it can be any character (literary, cartoon, super;hero, TV, movie, ect.);? Write a resume for your character using this guide: Resume Format;2.Open a new HTML document in your HTML editor;? Copy and paste the XHTML template into your new document;? Add a title for your webpage between the tags;? Copy and paste your resume content between the tags;3.Tag all of the content with semantic XHTML1.0 markup;4.Using tags and id attributes, group your resume content into the following;divisions;? header;? sideBar;? mainContent;? Note: a similar example of this layout was included in the lecture this week.;5.Save as ?Resume.html?;6.Upload your ?Resume.html? file to your web space;7.Validate your code by entering your URL into BOTH the W3C HTML validation;tool AND the W3C CSS validation tool.;? If your code does not validate (green means it validated, red means there are;? NOTE: Validator is your friend. it will tell you when you make mistakes and even suggest solutions, but it doesn't know whether or not you've used the appropriate tag. Review the lecture transcripts and videos for tag selection.;8.Save another version of your resume as ?Resume-external.html?;9.Apply external CSS;? Add a tag inside the head tag;? Add the href attribute to that link tag with the value of;?;? Add the rel and type attributes to that link tag with the appropriate values;Page 1 of 2(2) Week 3: CSS - Assignment;6/1/2014 (NEXT(852e291c75))/Main/CourseMode/Vized...;10.Upload your ?Resume-external.html? file to your web space;11.Save another version of your resume as ?Resume-embed.html?;12.Embed the provided CSS rules from style - embed.txt;? Add a tag;? Upload your ?Resume-embed.html? file to your web space;Submit;Submit all of the below to the Assignment #3 dropbox;1.Your Resume.html file and URL;2.Your Resume-external.html file and URL;3.Your Resume-embed.html file and URL


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