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Design a clean and normalized database




D esign a clean and normalized database that handles books for a library application. You need to consider the following rules before you design the database;?All books are mapped to categories. For example, the book Distributed Operating System belongs to;?Computer science;?Operating systems;?Distributed systems;?The following parameters associated with the books are available with the library;?Author;?Quantity;?Year of purchase;?Year of publication;?Publisher;?A member can have one of the following memberships;?Life members (Platinum);?Yearly members (Gold);?Monthly members;?Members with fixed durations;?Visitors;?Depending upon the membership, every member can borrow some books.;Using the library project discussed earlier, respond to the following;?Analyze and identify some of the logical problems that might exist in the library system;?Submit the queries required to create the tables in the database. Use proper SQL notation and make sure all tables are normalized (follow third normal form (3NF) schema).;?Connect the appropriate tables using referential integrity, which enables the user to retrieve all the details relevant to the database. For example, create separate tables for authors, books, and memberships and connect them through primary and foreign keys.


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