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I have to file a 1120 Corporation income tax retur...




I have to file a 1120 Corporation income tax return and need help getting started with the Packer Corporation, incorporated Jan 3 1984, San Antonio, Texas. I have made a copy for you to see my assignment.,I am willing to work with you on a payment for help to get this completed correctly. I have to fill out an online tax forms and print it out for class. the 1120 with the balance sheet and M1 if needed.,this homework is due April 26 @ 6 pm.,I came up with gross income from operations 595,000 gain on sale of truck 3,500 minus cogs 280,000 = 318,500 minus deductions of 253,400 = 65,100 Net income this is 8,000 too much according to the check figure from my teacher but this is a far cry from entering it on the return with everything answered correctly too. just has me stumped,thanks,I need to file Indiana State tax also,I think that I got the income statement figured out. I added the 3,500 Gain from the sale of the truck to the Gross Income and then added the federal income tax expense to the expenses and now I come out to the check figure that the teacher gave us. Thanks,I have already figured this one out. I do not need anymore help on this. I figured out how to do the Taxable income by deducting the charitable contributions first and then using the 10% to get the problem done. I have figured the taxes also. Thank you anyway but I didn't hear from you and was able to get this done myself. So I will not pay for help. Thanks.,I am very irritated that you charged me when I told you that I got the answer before you replyed. I tried to communitcate with you and found it impossible. I will not ever use your services again.


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