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systems integration Project Capstone 2




Assignment Guidelines;For this week?s assignment, you will be developing the requirements specification for this integration. You should use all of the tools available to you to elicit requirements (such as one-on-one interviews with all major stakeholders, surveys, artifact reviews, joint requirement specification meetings, and so forth).;New Content;Requirements Specification;Describe the process you used to elicit the requirements.;List of all of the stakeholders and their roles.;Describe of all components and interfaces, including a schematic that depicts them (such as the various layers of integration).;Provide detailed and measurable functional requirements.;Provide detailed and measurable nonfunctional requirements.;List assumptions for the scope of the project.;Discuss the pros and cons of proceeding with the project while giving consideration to the requirements you have defined.;Make sure that the document is in APA format.;Submit the document for grading.


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