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BIS 375 (Supply Chain Information Mgmt Online Env.) Complete Course & Final Exam




BIS 375 (Supply Chain Information Management in Online Environment);Week 1;Week 1DQ1 =;E-Business and E-Commerce;Week 1 DQ 2;How has the evolution to e-business affected business services? How has the Internet supported the growth and opportunity of e-business?;Week 1 Assignments;? E-Business Evolution (750+ Words);? BIS 375 Week 1 Summary;Week 2;Week 2 DQ 1;What are three different types of e-business customers? How would your business strategy change depending on the type of customer you have?;Week 2 DQ 2;How have customer demands changed since the advent of e-business? Be specific.;Week 2 Assignments;? Double Click Privacy Policy (850+ Words);? Website Analysis ? Restaurants Team A: (1750+ Words);? BIS 375 Week 2 Summary;Week 3;Week 3 DQ 1;How might a company's position in the supply chain affect its business role? Is there such a thing as a company that strictly operates in only one business role? Why or Why not?;Week 3 DQ 2;(Manufacturer, Supplier and Customer);Week 2 Assignments;E-Business -Pizza Hut Team A: (1250+ Words);BIS 375 Week 3 Summary;Week 4;Week 4 DQ 1;What are the strategic benefits and risks of global sourcing? What is the most important risk management concern in your organization?;Week 4 DQ 2;Why might a company use supply chain monitoring? What types of metrics could be used in the monitoring process?;Week 4 Assignments;E-Commerce Strategic Matrix (B2B versus B2C) (650+ Words);BIS 375 Week 4 LT Supply and Demand Analysis on SCM Presentation (10 Slides);BIS 375 Week 4 Summary;Week 5;Week 5 Assignments;E-Business Security and Risk Management Proposal Learning Team A (1800+ Words);LT E-Business Security and Risk Management Proposal Presentation (11 Slides);Final Examination. (12 Q?s & A?s);Week 5 Summary.


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