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BlueJ;Assignment Instructions;You will create four classes that must all interact in some meaningful way. In order to;start you will create a class diagram to determine which classes depend on other;classes and what those classes are. The classes you create will be;? University;? Course;? Instructor;? Student;Further, you must create a fifth class called ?Main? that creates instances of the;above classes to test and demonstrate the use of the classes. This is often called a;?driver class?.;To begin I suggest you look at your four classes and individually decide what each;will contain. Ask yourself what are the attributes and what does this class do. From;here you should be able to get a toe hold to start your development.;Within this project you must use the following;1. Multiple constructors within one class;2. Internal and external method calls(which will be necessary);3. An if statement;4. Import statements used correctly;5. Two collections from the java library, one of which may be an ArrayList;6. Loops;a. for-each;b. while;c. for;7. An Iterator;8. An array;9. Logic operators;10. Mathematical operators;11. String methods (use the java libraries);12. Random number generator;13. A HashMap in addition to the requirements in 5 above.;14. At least one class constant variable;15. Create a ?driver class? called ?Main? that demo?s your design and classes.;This must have a program entry point method with the signature;public static void main(String[] args);16. You must create a JUnit test class for ONE of you classes, and write test;methods in this class for TWO of your methods in the class that you are;testing. Thus you will have TWO test methods in your JUnit test class.;17. Your code should be;a. Well designed;b. Commented and each class should be documented;c. TESTED;18. In the read me file include step by step instructions on how to use your;project.;19. In addition to turning in your zipped project file, you must create a PDF;document with several screen shots of your running program that shows at;least the following;a. Your program in action and what it does;b. Execution of your JUnit test methods;c. Execution of your program directly from the command prompt without;using BlueJ;TURN IN your entire project folder, your entire should be properly commented and;formatted, including the identifying information noted in the ?general section?. NOTE: You;must write JavaDoc style comments for EACH public CLASS and EACH public METHOD;that you create or modify. Starting with Lab #3, it is required that you run the code;formatter (BlueJ Auto-layout) over ALL of the classes before you Zip and submit your lab.;1) ZIP the entire project folder, DO NOT delete any of the files. You will upload the single;ZIP compressed file. Please ONLY submit Zip formats. Other compression formats;require the grader to spend more time opening various tools to handle other formats, so;only ZIP will be accepted.;2) Also submit as a separate file the PDF created for #19.;3) Submit any required document as a separate file.;4) Log in to Moodle.;5) Click the Lab # link in the week # activity block in the class Moodle site, then browse to;your document and upload the document you created.;6) If you need to submit an updated version, click on the submit link and you will see the file;you previously uploaded, click the edit these files button. On the right of the file name you;will see this icon. Click on the icon, delete your previous submission, and then upload;your updated version.


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