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INF231 - Final Project - Dollars to Coins Conversion C++




The final project cosists of building an executable monetary conversion program to be submitted by the final day of the course.;For the program you will write a utility that converts dollars to coins it is a simple program that has the following;1. Multiple outputs on screen;2. at least one input;3. the use of integers an strings;4. looking or repetition with Do..While,,if else.;5. Must have some out put text to show correct value of coins that would be converted form dollars;6 Code must include comments explaining your reason for the code section or what the code is doing;7. code must compile.;8. Whole dollars only if value is less thatn 1 or 0 the program should break or exit.;Please give me all the information so that I may be able to submit from a word document.


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