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introduction;1. The term paper should examine an empirical research question in Economics.;2.The term paper should consist of a full documentation of the project in the form of Word and script file containing the computation codes.;3. The PDF file must conform to the following requirements;a) The documentation should be a summary of the study and the result and consist of not more than 2 pages plus other 2 pages for tables, figures and references. The summary have to have the following characteristics;1. it should be self contained in the sense that it should be posible to read the summary and understand what you have done without going to script to find additional information. Therefore, the documentation should not refer to the script file.;2. The research question must be stated clearly. A short reference to previous empirical findings should be made.;3. Data should be presented briefly. Focus on a description of the characteristics of the variables that are most important for your purpose.;4. Describe the estimation stategy and its limitations given data. You should discuss problems of inadequacy of data for your purpise and the chosen estimation strategy.;5. Interpret your results statistically. You should do what is needed to do correct inference, which includes estimation issues as well as data issues related to your research question.;6. Interpret your results economically. This includes a sensitivity analysis of your results for alternatibe specifications a discussion of limitations of your results and a brief mentionting of what your results say and not say.;The script file must conform to the following resuirements;1. It should be well structured;2.It should be extensively commented;3.It should be clear from the script file which codes that produce particular statistics, graphes and tables presented in the summary of your study. This means that the script file should contain references to the documentation in the word doc.;4. The script file should fully reproduce the econometric results presented in the word document from the loading of data and definitions of variables to all graphs, tables and in line numbers presented.;5. All data preprocessing should be made n the script file. This means no data management or other computations other than those documented in the script is needed to reproduce your study.;A model for how the script files should be written is supplied in the end of this file.


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