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A.;Lab #: BSBA BIS245A-5B;B.;Lab 5B of 7: Completing Forms;C.;Lab Overview?Scenario/Summary;TCO(s);5.;Given a physical database containing tables and relationships, create;forms;which demonstrate effective user-interface design and allow for;efficient;entry and retrieval of data.;Scenario/Summary;The;lab begins with creating a form in Access using the Form Wizard.;After the;form;is created, the user can use Themes to change the appearance of the;form.;The;second part of the lab uses Form Design to create a form. Finally;the form;will;be customized.;Upon;completing this lab, you should be able to;? create;a form using the Form Tool;? create;a form using Form Design, and;? create;a form using the Form Wizard.;D.;Deliverables;Submit;the MS Access Database file that contains the forms created in this;lab.;Step;Deliverable Points;1;Form 1 ? Form Tool ? step-by-step 5;2;Form 2 ? Form Design ? step-by-step 5;3;Form 3 ? Form Wizard?Employee/Customers Multi-Table Form;? step-by-step;5;4;Form 4 ? Suppliers and Products Multi-Table Form 10;E.;Lab Steps;Preparation;1.;Get the Database from Doc SharingPage 2 of 11;a.;Download the Lab5_Start.accdb Northwind database file;from your;course;Doc Sharing panel (Labs view), and Save the file to your local;drive.;2.;Using Citrix for MS Visio and/or MS Access;a.;If you are using the Citrix remote lab, follow the login instructions;located;in the iLab tab in Course Home.;b.;You will have to upload the Lab5_Start.accdb file to your Citrix;folder.;Follow;the instructions located on the iLab tab in Course Home.;3.;Start MS Access;a.;If you are using Citrix, click on Microsoft Office Applications;folder.;b.;If you are using Visio on a local computer, select Microsoft Office;from your;Program;Menu.;Lab;Step;1: Using the Form Tool;Select;Employees table as in the following figure. You will see the;Employees;table;highlighted.;Click;the Create tab, and then click the Form tool. Page 3 of 11;After;clicking the Form button, a new form is created by Access.;The;appearance of the form can be easily modified using the Themes option;on;the;Design ribbon. As you move your cursor over the various themes, the;form;will;adjust to preview how the modified form would look. You may select;any;theme;for your form.;Click;the Save button to save the form. Name it Lab5_Form1, and then close;the;form.;Step;2: Using the Form DesignPage 4 of 11;Click;the Create tab, then, click on Form Design. (Make sure that you do;not;have;any of the tables selected in the Tables list on the left side of the;screen.);After;clicking the Form Design, a new form will be shown as the;followingPage 5 of 11;Click;the Add Existing Fields;option;and then click Show All;Tables;to show all the tables in;the;database. Drag and drop;fields;from the Customer table;to;the form. You can also;double;click the fields that you;want;to add. Select a number;of;fields from the Customers;table.;Adjust the location of the;fields.;Then, click the Form;option;in the View list to see;the;form. The View button is;highlighted;at the right.;After;viewing the form, click the View button again, and select Design View;to go;back;to form design. Save the form as Lab5_Form2.;Step;3: Creating Multi-Table Forms;You;can incorporate data from several tables in a single form. In this;step, you;will;create a form that displays data concerning one employee. The form;will also Page 6 of 11;display;data concerning the many customers that your employees serve. This;type;of relationship between employees and customers is called one-to-many;relationships;(one employee serving many customers). In this relationship, the;Employees;table is the ?one? table and the Customers table is the ?many?;table.;To;create a multi-table form using the Form Wizard;? click;the Create tab, then select the Form Wizard, and;? make;sure that Customers table is selected in the Table/Queries box.;? Select;CustomerID, CompanyName, ContactName, ContactTitle, Address;City;Region, PostalCode, Country, and Phone Fields from Customers table.;? Back;in the Tables/Queries, click on the down arrow and select Employees;table.;See illustration on next page.Page 7 of 11;? Select;EmployeeID, LastName, FirstName, Photo, and ReportsTo from that;table;then click Next button.;? Make;sure that by Employees is selected in ?How do you want to view your;data??;? You;also have the option to select Form with subform(s) or Linked forms.;Select;Form with subform(s), then click Next.Page 8 of 11;? In;the next screen, you have the option of selecting the layout of your;subform.;Select Tabular, and then click Next.;? Assign;a title to your form (Lab5_Form3) and subform (Lab5_Subform3);and;click finish.;? Click;on View, and then view the form in Form View.Page 9 of 11;Before;closing the form, go to Design View, and change the Caption;property;for the form to Employees. (See below.) Return to Form View;before;saving your form.Page 10 of 11;In;Form View your form should display nine records, showing employees;and the;customers;that they serve. These records can be cycled through on using the;navigation;options available on the lower left of the application screen.;You;will be prompted to save changes when closing the form. Say Yes to;save;changes;at the prompt, and close the form.;Step;4: Create a Multi-Table Form;Following;instructions provided in Step 3, create a multi-table form, showing;what;products;are supplied by which supplier.;Requirements;There is ONE Supplier for MANY Products. You must display the;following;fields: SupplierID, CompanyName, ContactName, ContactTitle, Address;City;Region, PostalCode, Country, and Phone fields along with ProductID;ProductName;and CategoryID.Page 11 of 11;Your;form should look like the following;There;should be 29 records in your suppliers, each providing numerous;products.;Save;your form as Lab5_form4, and the Subform as Lab5_Subform4.;Step;5: Submit Deliverables;Save;your MS Access Lab5_Start.accdb file as YourName_Lab5_ Final.accdb;Submit;the Access file created during this assignment to the Dropbox located;on;the;silver tab at the top of this page. (See Syllabus/?Due Dates for;Assignments;Exams?;for due dates.);End;of Lab 5B


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