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1 (10 points);Write a computer program to convert rainfall in inches to rainfall in millimeters, given that 1 inch = 25.4mm;Read in the rain fall in inches from the user and display the rain fall in mm;Sample out put: 4inch = 101.6mm of rain;2 (10 points);Write C++ program to determine a car?s acceleration written in 10 seconds.;Read in the starting speed and the ending speed from the user. Use the formula:-;Acceleration (miles/sec^2)=end speed(miles/sec) start speed (miles/sec);Speed (miles/sec) = speed miles/ hours (3600);The program should display the start speed, end speed and acceleration in miles per second squared;3 (10 points);Given a mans waist size and weight, the following may be computed;? His neck size will be 3 times his weight divided by his waist size;? His hat size will be neck size divided by 2 1/8;? His shoe size will be 50 times his waist size, and then compute and display his neck size, hat size and shoe size


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