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This is a programming assignment, and it requires you to write the pseudocode for a program that solves the following problem;The user is prompted to enter exactly ten employee names and salaries, which must be stored in parallel arrays. After the ten employee names and salaries have been entered, the program will use the parallel arrays to calculate and display the following information to the user;The mean (average) salary;The names of any employees whose salaries are equal to the mean salary;Please read the problem description above carefully so that you know exactly what the program is supposed to do. Understanding the problem is part of the programming process. Follow the program requirements precisely. Here are some hints;As the user enters each name and salary, use a variable to total the salaries as they are being entered. When finished, use that variable to determine the mean salary. An alternate approach is to step through the salaries array after all names and salaries have been entered to calculate the sum of the salaries and determine the mean salary.;The mean (average) salary is calculated by dividing the sum of all employee salaries by the number of employee salaries.;Loop through the salaries array again, compare each salary to the mean salary, and display the corresponding employee?s name if the salary is equal to the mean salary.


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