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DeVry NETW 585 Week 4 Midterm




1.;Question;(TCO A) When working on a design, what are some of the typical business goals you can expect to find for today's organizations? Why is it important for you to identify these?;Question 2.;Question;(TCO A) What are the main phases of network design per the PDIOO approach often taught by Cisco?;Question 3.;Question;(TCO B) When analyzing protocol behavior and traffic load, explain the difference between relative and absolute network utilization.;Question 4.;Question;(TCO B) What factors do you look for to help you decide if the existing network can effectively support new enhancements?;Question 5.;Question;(TCO C) Define the five types of network management processes according to the ISO.;Question 6.;Question;(TCO C) What are some advantages and disadvantages of using centralized network management versus distributed network management?;Question 7.;Question;(TCO C) What are some advantages and disadvantages of using in-band network management versus out-of-band network management?;Question 8.;Question;(TCO C) List and explain the function of all three layers of Cisco's hierarchical network design.;Question 9.;Question;(TCO D) Discuss connectivity technologies for supporting remote users. Be sure to compare and contrast them and talk about at least three different ones.;Question 10.;Question;(TCO D) What are some characteristics you will want to consider when selecting network devices for your design? List at least five.


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