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A company hires you to write a program to




A company hires you to write a program to track hourly employee arrival and departure times from work. In essence, you are tasked to make an online time clock. The time clock shall keep a history of an employee?s hours for a two-week pay period. The application shall have the following functionality;The ?punch in/out screen? shall;? Save the punch in or punch out date and time of the employee to a memory object (or file).;o The date and time, ?I? for Punched In or ?O? for punched out along with the Employee ID shall be saved to a memory object called timeclock (or file called timeclock.txt).;o The recorded date for ?punched in? and ?punched out? shall be the method for matching corresponding records.;o The program shall test to ensure that there is a ?Punched in? record for the corresponding day before a ?punched out? record is saved. If none is found, prompt the user to enter a ?punched in? time.;o When the user has punched in or out, the program shall display a message indicating that the employee has punched in or out, the employee ID, date and time.;o In console based applications the screen shall display ?Press any key to continue?;o In console based applications the program shall return to the main menu after a key is pressed when the ?Press any key to continue? prompt is displayed.;o Optional functionality: Add the day of the week to the data saved.


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