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Open the project named Ch12_ex3_GenericStack that?s in the ex starts folder;Create a new class names GenericStack that specifies the type variable that provides for;genericDeclare a linked list that will hold the elements in the stack. Then use the linked list to implement the methods ?.push(element), pop(), peek (), size();Create a class that uses the GenericStackApp Class. Then, declare a generic stack at the beginning of the main method that will store String objects;Add code to main method that uses the push method to add at least three items to the stack, after each is added, display it s value in the console(use a string literal for this). Then use the size method to return the number of items in the stack and display it value.;Use the ?peek? method to return the first item and display that item, and use the size method to return the number of items again and display that value.;Use the pop method to return each item, displaying it as its returned, and display the number of items one more time.


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