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Q: 1. It is a good idea to view your Web pages using different browsers.;A) True B) False;2. Empty elements appear as one-sided tags.;A) True B) False;3. Adding an id creates locations in your Web page that become destinatuions of links.;A) True B) False;4. the id name "EMP" is the same as "emp;A) True B) False;5. The style to define the background color is backcolor: color.;A) True B) False;6. As a general rule, you should use GIFs for photos and use JPEGs for illustrations that involve only a few colors.;A) True B) False;7. Changing an image's dimensions within the browser changes the file size.;A) True B) False;8. Not all browser support contextual selectors.;A) True B) False;9. Two or more pseudo-classes can never apply to the same element.;A) True B) False;10. You can't use deprecated features of HTML when creating a Web page.;A) True B) False;11. Closing tags are identified by the ___ that precedes the tag name.;A) question mark B) exclamation point C) slash D) ampersand;12. The technique of placing one element within another is called;A) linking B) nesting C) loading D) interlacing;13. ___ is a generic block-level element.;A) B);C) D);14. The most widely used file formats for inline images are ____.;A) GIF and JPEG B) JPEG and BMP C) TIFF and GIF D) PNG and BMP;15. To insert a special character such as the copyright symbol into a Web page, the reference must begin with a ____ A) * B) @ C) ^ D);16. ___ are formatting rules written in a separate language from HTML that tell browsers how to render each element.;A) Codes B) Keys C) Styles D) Icons;17. A Web ___ is a software program that retrieves the page and displays it.;A) browser B) client C) station D) server;18. The ___ tag creates an anchor. A) B) C) D);19. To create a link to an anchor, you use the ___ attribute.;A) name B) href C) link D) anchor;20. An ___ path provides a precise location for a file.;A) relative B) interpreted C) absolute D) indexed;21. Web pages us the communication protocol ___. A) HTTP B) HTML C) URL D) FTP;22. To use a single image to access multiple targets, you must set up ___ within the image.;A) hotspots B) links C) icons D) alt tags;23. A(n) ___ represents a single dot on the output device.;A) element B) icon C) lilnk D) pixel;24. The file name extension for cascading style sheets is ___.;A).csl B) cs2 C).xcs D).css;25. To add a line break in a paragraph, you use the ___ tag.;A);B);C);D)


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