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1. All java classes are derived from;A) java.lang.Class;B) java.util.Name;C) java.lang.Object;D) java.awt.Window;2. The jdb is used to;A) Create a jar archive;B) Debug a java program;C) Create C header file;D) Generate java documentation;3. What would happen if "String[]args" is not included as argument in the main method.;A) No error;B) Compilation error;C) Program won't run;D) Program exit;4. For execution of DELETE SQL query in JDBC,............. method must be used.;A) executeQuery();B) executeDeleteQuery();C) executeUpdate();D) executeDelete();5. Which method will a web browser call on a new applet?;A) main method;B) destroy method;C) execute method;D) init method;6. Which of the following is not mandatory in variable declaration?;A) a semicolon;B) an identifier;C) an assignment;D) a data type;7. When a program class implements an interface, it must provide behavior for;A) two methods defined in that interface;B) any methods in a class;C) only certain methods in that interface;D) all methods defined in that interface;8. In order to run JSP.................... is required.;A) Mail Server;B) Applet viewer;C) Java Web Server;D) Database connection;9. State true of false.;i) AWT is an extended version of swing;ii) Paint() of Applet class cannot be overridden;A) i-false, ii-false;B) i-false,ii-true;C) i-true, ii-false;D) i-true, ii-true;10. Prepared Statement object in JDBC used to execute........... queries.;A) Executable;B) Simple;C) High level;D) Parameterized


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