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MCQ of System Analysis and Design Set-1




Q. 1 ??????????. is an important factor of management information system.;A) System;B) Data;C) Process;D) All;Q.2 Which are the following is / are the level(s) of documentation?;A) Documentation for management;B) Documentation for user;C) Documentation for data processing department;D) All of the above;Q.3 ??????????.. level supply information to strategic tier for the use of top management.;A) Operational;B) Environmental;C) Competitive;D) Tactical;Q.4 In a DFD external entities are represented by a;A) Rectangle;B) Ellipse;C) Diamond shaped box;D) Circle;Q.5 ????? can be defined as data that has been processed into a form that is meaningful to the recipient and is of real or perceive value in current or prospective decisions.;A) System;B) Information;C) Technology;D) Service;Q.6 Use the new system as the same time as the old system to compare the results. This is known as ??;A) Procedure Writing;B) Simultaneous processing;C) Parallel Operation;D) File Conversion;Q.7 Decision making model was proposed by ???????.;A) Harry Goode;B) Herbert A Simon;C) Recon Michal;D) None of this;Q.8 A data flow can;A) Only emanate from an external entity;B) Only terminate in an external entity;C) May emanate and terminate in an external entity;D) May either emanate or terminate in an external entity but not both;Q. 9 ????? can be defined as most recent and perhaps the most comprehensive technique for solving computer problems.;A) System Analysis;B) System Data;C) System Procedure;D) System Record;Q.10 SDLC stands for;A) System Development Life Cycle;B) Structure Design Life Cycle;C) System Design Life Cycle;D) Structure development Life Cycle


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