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MCQs of Visual Basic.Net set-1




1. Which of the following Loop structure does not supported by VB.Net?;A. Do................ Loop;B) For................... Next;C) Do................ While;D) For Each............ While;2. The _____ model does not offer a model for source code reuse.;A. COM+;B. DCOM;C. COM;D..Net;3. _____ allow custom items of information about a program element to be stored with an assembly's metadata.;A. Properties;B. Attributes;C. Methods;D. Classes;4. The corresponding.Net FCL type for Short is ___________.;A. System.Int32;B. System.Int64;C. System.Int16;D. System.Object;5. The member "clear" of the Array class that sets a range of array elements to zero, false or null reference is a _____________ method.;A. Shared;B. Method;C. Class;D. Object;6. The ___________ method converts an OLE automation date value to a DateTime Instance.;A. Today;B. TimeOfDay;C. Now;D. FromOADate;7. The function procedures are ___________ by default.;A. public;B. private;C. protected;D. inherited;8. Every optional argument in the procedure definition must specify a _________ value which must be a constant expression.;A. constant;B. default;C. integer;D. character;9. Type casting in VB.Net is implemented by means of ____________ statement.;A. Type();B. TypeDef();C. Btype();D. Ctype();10. State whether the statement true or false.;i) Function procedures are public by default.;ii) Function procedure return values whereas sub procedures cannot return a value to the calling procedure.;A. True, True;B. True, False;C) False, True;D) False, False


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