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Write an applet that will calculate the perimeter and area of certain;types of triangles and draw them. The user will be prompted to;indicate which type of triangle to work with. Types are right;triangle, isosceles triangle, and equilateral triangle. The user will;input R or right to mean right triangle, I or isoceles to mean;isosceles triangle, or E or equilateral to mean equilateral triangle.;For a right triangle the user will then enter the lengths of the two;non-hypotenuse sides.;For an isosceles triangle the user will then enter the length of the;base and the length of a side (which equals the length of the other;side).;For an equilateral triangle the user will then enter the length of a;side (which equals the length of the other two sides).;The program must check that no length is less than or equal to zero.;Also, for the isosceles triangle the base must be less than the;sum of the two sides.;Perimeter of any triangle is the sum of the lengths of all three sides.;Area of any triangle is (1/2)bh, where b is the base and h is the;height.;In a right triangle, either non-hypotenuse side can be the base and;the other the height.;In an isosceles triangle, the height is;square root of (side squared minus (base squared divided by 4));In an equilateral triangle, the height is;((square root of 3) divided by 2) times side;Draw the triangle in the paint method.;Hints;Right triangle: (x,y);go up: (x,y-s1);go right: (x+s2,y);Isosceles: (x,y);go up: (x+b/2,y-h);go right:(x+b,y);Equilateral (special case of Isoclese, b=s);(x,y);go up: (x+s/2,y-h);go right:(x+s,y)


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