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You will create two int variables into which you will store




You will create two int variables into which you will store;?Your Foothill College student ID. (This is normally an 8-digit number, don't confuse it with your social security # or a password, which it is not.);?The number of letters in your family (last) name.;In order to receive any credit for this assignment, these two values must match what I have for you on my class roster.;Your program will compute some values based on these two numbers, so each student will have a unique output.;The Program Spec;The following five expressions assume that you have stored your student ID into the variable studID, and the number of letters in your last (family) name into the variable numLet. You can manually enter both of these using assignment statements in your program source. No user input allowed. Compute the following five values;#1 - studID%2;#2 - studID%numLet;#3 - studID/numLet;#4 - 1+2+3+4+5+numLet;#5 - 100,000/99+[studID-54,321/(numLet+30)^2]


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