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Design and code a swing GUI to translate TEXT that is input in English to pig latin. you can assume that the sentence contains no punctuation. The rules for Pig Latin are as follows;a. For words that begin with consonants, move the leading consonant to the end of the word and add "ay." Thus, "ball" becomes "allbay", "Button" becomes "uttonbay" and so forth.;b. For words that begin with vowels, add"way" to the end of the word. Thus, "all" becomes "allway' "one" becomes" onway", and so forth.;Use FlowLayout with JTextArea for the source text and a separate JTextArea for the translated text. Add a JButton with an event to perform the translation. A sample application is shown next with the text translated to pig latin.;to parse the source text, note that you can use the Scanner class on a string.


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