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keep track of airline reservations




providing me with the source file (.cpp) and SeatPrices.txt;I will be using Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express to inspect the finished product. If you can help, please contact me when possible.;This program will allow the user to keep track of airline reservations. The program should display the seating chart for the airplane. It will use an * to indicate a seat is taken and the # to indicate the seat is available. The program will also display a menu which provides the user with several options. There will be two types of seats in the airplane: first class and coach, each of which will have a different cost. The program must make use of files, arrays and functions.;The airplane will have 5 rows in the first class section with 4 seats in each row, 2 on each side of the aisle and 10 rows in the coach section with 3 seats on each side of the aisle. The prices for all the first class seats will be the same. The first 5 rows of coach will be more expensive than the last 5 rows. The prices for the seats will be stored in a file called SeatPrices.txt. The program should read these values from the file and store the values in an array of doubles. This is an example of the seating chart;12 34;Row 1 ## ##;Row 2 ## ##;Row 3 ## ##;Row 4 ## ##;Row 5 ## ##;123 456;Row 6 ### ###;Row 7 ### ###;Etc.;The menu will provide choices to reserve a seat(s) and display the total number of seats sold (indicating first class and coach), the total number of seats empty in a row, the total number of seats empty in the plane (indicating first class and coach), and the total amount of sales (in dollars).;Validation: The seat requested by the user is a valid row and seat number. The program should also make sure the seat is not already taken.


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