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As the software architect for the SRS system, you are making good progress in your work. After finishing the Functional Modeling (activity diagram, use case diagram, and use case descriptions) of the SRS system, you are now ready to move on to its Structural Modeling.;In this week, you will use the models of your Functional Modeling to determine and design your class diagram and complete a CRC card for each class. The Structural Modeling is very critical for the success of your project since it is the backbone upon which the entire project is built, so take the time to design and refine your class diagram and its corresponding CRC cards.;Deliverables;Class diagram for the SRS system;CRC cards for each class in your class diagram;STEP 2: Create the Class Diagram;Download the CRC Card Template and use it for your deliverables this week. (Attached);Explain your work and the decisions you made to arrive at your proposed solution.;STEP 3: Complete the CRC Cards;Create CRC cards for each class that you designed in your class diagrams, ensuring that you identify all appropriate attributes, operations, relationships (including types), responsibilities, and collaborations. Be sure that you complete the front and back of each card. Be sure that your CRC cards exactly reflect what you created in your class diagrams.;Explain your work and the decisions you made to arrive at your proposed solution.;STEP 4: Copy the Diagram Into an MS Word document;Copy and paste the class diagrams and the CRCs into a Word document. Save your document with the file name CIS339_Lab3_YourName.


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