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Question 1 (0.5 points);Which attribute of the form tag defines the program that will process the data?;Question 1 options;id;style;action;method;Save;Question 2 (1 point);Which of the following is not a valid color value in CSS?;Question 2 options;#aaaaaa;#fgfgfg;red;lime;#000000;Save;Question 3 (0.5 points);In the domain "", what is the second level domain name?;Question 3 options;view;usg;spsu;;Save;Question 4 (1 point);Which of the following URL is NOT in a correct format?;Question 4 options;;;;;Save;Question 5 (1 point);Which of the following is correct about HTML (files)?;Question 5 options;HTML is pure text based;HTML files always end with.html;HTML is a communication protocol;HTML tags are displayed in browsers;Save;Question 6 (0.5 points);We can use PHP to dynamically generate JavaScripts.;Question 6 options;True;False;Save;Question 7 (0.5 points);A PHP web application is running on a local web server that other computers on the network cannot access this server. We can only access this web application in the same computer which hosts this web server. So this web application is not a client/server application.;Question 7 options;True;False;Save;Question 8 (0.5 points);XHTML is basically an XML document.;Question 8 options;True;False;Save;Question 9 (0.5 points);The inline style CSS overrides external CSS when styles are in conflict.;Question 9 options;True;False;Save;Question 10 (1 point);Which of the following application is least likely to be created using JavaScript?;Question 10 options;Display a different image every 5 minutes.;Read values from a database server.;Dynamically change the background color.;Prompt the user to enter a value.;Save;Question 11 (1 point);Which of the following application is least likely to be created using PHP?;Question 11 options;Include a common copyright notice on every page.;Display a dynamic live clock showing hour, minute, and second.;Process user inputs from an HTML form.;Create a dynamic HTML table with 4 rows and 3 columns.;Save;Question 12 (1 point);Which of the following JavaScript statement is valid?;Question 12 options;var out="'+'h"+";var out=""+"h"+";var out=" "+h+";var out=" "+"h,"+';Save;Question 13 (1 point);Which of the following statement about HTML DOM events is correct?;Question 13 options;Events are all raised by users' keyboard and mouse actions.;Only functions can be used to handle events.;Events are handled at the servert side.;The "click" event can be raise by elements other than buttons;Save;Question 14 (1 point);Which of the following statement about HTML DOM is NOT correct?;Question 14 options;The root element is "html;Every node can only have one parent;A node is an HTML element.;Every element can have multiple child nodes;Save;Question 15 (2 points);What are GET and POST methods? What's the major difference between them?;Question 15 options;Save;Question 16 (1 point);What are the basic elements of a web application?;Question 16 options;Save;Question 17 (1 point);What are the three ways CSS can be inserted in an HTML document?;Question 17 options;Save;Question 18 (2 points);Use HTML code to create a link. Requirements;- The link points to;- The link will open the site in a new browser window or tab;Use CSS to format the link. Requirements;- The link text should be in green color, no underline;- When the mouse cursor is over the link, the text should change to red color, with a yellow background and underlined.;Provide your source code below.;Question 18 options;Save;Question 19 (3 points);Write a piece of JavaScript to change the text of the button to "clicked" when the button is clicked. Requirements;- Write the HTML for the button element;- Write JavaScript in a script block;Question 19 options;Save;Question 20 (1 point);[Bonus] Write a PHP function (write the function only) to dynamically create an HTML table with m rows and n columns. m and n are function parameters. Other requirements;- Each column is 100 in width;- The table and all cells should have visible borders;- In each cell, please display the value of m and n aligned to the center.


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