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Write a C++ program that reads text from a file and decodes the file by subtracting the position factor from the ASCII value of each character. Note that the Raptor program will encode the file and the C++ program will decode it.;See chapter 12 in Starting out with C++ for information on reading and writing to text files.;Your program should;1. Read the text file one line at a time.;2. Change each character of the string by subtracting the position factor from it.;3. Write the encoded string to a second file, such as plain2.txt;Note that because there may be spaces in the encoded file, the getline function will work better than the >> operator.;Hint: In Visual C++ Express, put your plain.code file in the project directory. The same folder that your C++ source (.cpp) file is in.;Once your program executes correctly, upload your.cpp file only. Make sure your name is on the source code in a comment.


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