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Create a Patient class




Create a Patient class for the Wrightstown Hospital Billing Department. Include a patient ID number, name, age, and amount due to the hospital. Include properties and any other methods you need. Override the ToString() method to return all the details for a patient. Write an application that prompts the user for data for five Patients. Sort them in patient ID number order and display them all, including a total amount owed.;Save the program as;Using the Patient class as a base, derive an InsuredPatient class. An InsuredPatient contains all the data of a Patient, plus fields to hold an insurance company name, and the percentage of the hospital bill the insurance company will pay. Insurance payments are based on the following table;Insurance Company Portion of bill paid by insurance (%);Wrightstown Mutual 80;Red Umbrella 60;All other companies 25;Create an array of five InsuredPatient objects. Create a program that justifies the following;? Prompts the user for all the patient data, plus the name of the insurance company, the insurance company set accessor determines the percentage paid.;? Overrides the parent class ToString() method to include the name of the insurance company, the percent paid, and the amount due after the insurance has been applied to the bill.;? Sorts all the records in ID number order and display them with a total amount due from all insured patients.;Save the program as PatientDemo2.cs.;Write an application that uses an extension method for the Patient class. The method computes and returns a Patient's quarterly insurance payment (one-fourth of the annual premium). The application should allow the user to enter data for five Patients and then display all the Patient data for each, including the quarterly payment.;Save the program as PatientDemo3.cs.


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