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Class and Objects




Class and Objects;1. Create a new Java class named Car that has the following fields;o year - The year field is an int that holds a car's year model (e.g. 2010);o make - The make field is a String object that holds the make of the car (e.g. "Porsche") o speed - The speed field is an double that holds a car's current speed (e.g. 25.0);2. In addition, the Car class should have the following methods.;o Constructor - The constructor should accept the car's year, make, and beginning speed as;arguments;These values should be used to initialize the Car's year, make, and speed fields;o Getter Methods - Write three accessor (getter) methods to get the getYear(), getMake(), getSpeed() ? values stored in an object's fields;o accelerate - Write an accelerate method that has no arguments (parameters) passed to it and adds 1 to the speed field each time it is called;For example: if the car was going 3 mph, accelerate would set the speed to 4 mph;3. Write a separate Java class RaceTrack in file with a main method that uses;your Car class;Save the class in file in the same java project folder.;4. Inside RaceTrack class' main method;o Create a new Car object (using the Car constructor method), passing in the year, make, and speed o Display the current status of the car object using the getter methods getYear(), getMake();and getSpeed();o Call the car's accelerate method and then re-display the car's speed using getSpeed()


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