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Question 2;1.;Failure to release resources when the program is no longer using them can cause;Answer;buffer overflows.;resource leaks.;exceptions.;memory allocation errors.;Question 4;1.;Object orientation uses classes primarily to;Answer;develop algorithms.;house data (attributes) and methods.;organize large amounts of data.;create code libraries.;Question 6;1.;Keyword __________ is used for constants whose values cannot be determined at compile time.;Answer;Const;ReadOnly;Shared;NamedConst;4 points;Question 7;1.;In a method in which a parameter has the same name as an instance variable, the expression will refer to;Answer;the parameter.;the instance variable.;a value based on the situation.;the name of the current method.;4 points;Question 8;1.;A variable of a reference type contains;Answer;information about the type and its data.;data of that type.;the address of the location in memory where data is stored.;the value of the variable.;4 points;Question 9;1.;Which of the following statements successfully swap the contents of an array at index 3 and index 4?;Answer;values(3) = values(4);values(4) = values(3);values(4) = values(3);values(3) = values(4);Dim temp As Integer = values(3);values(3) = values(4);values(4) = temp;Dim temp As Integer = values(3);values(3) = values(4);values(4) = values(3);4 points;Question 10;1.;Instance variables declared with Dim default to __________ access.;Answer;private;public;class;member


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