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Some Java problems need sovle (interdaction to Java)




Know how the Selection Sort Algorithm in Figure 7.11 on page 269 works, conceptually. Do not memorize the code, just know how values are selected and swapped, if necessary. You will be given a table which has its topmost row filled in with values, and will have to fill in subsequent rows with rearranged values. At each selection, you will have to annotate which values have been swapped (7 points).;Be able to write the program specified in Programming Exercise 7.1 on page 276 (17 points).;Be able to write the class specified in Programming Exercise 9.1 on page 360 (14 points).;Be able to determine the output of the code shown in Check Point question 10.17 on page 391 (2 points). Although Chapter 10 was officially "skipped", we did cover all of the Chapter 10 material regarding the String class in Chapter 4.;ALL figures are in attachments thanks;No CHAT send MESSAGE ONLY please


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