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1. Explain how you would plan an IIS7 application hosting and what you would take into consideration to tailor it to different enterprise needs. Define an application pool and explain the IIS worker process and some of the advantages and disadvantages you would consider differently for a large or small enterprise.;2. discuss the uses and advantages for an enterprise utilizing an SMTP server.;3. Apache HTTP server, a competitor to IIS, is the most popular Web server on the Internet hosting about half of the Internet?s Websites. Suggest three reasons why it is so popular. Of the three reasons you mentioned above, discuss what you believe is the most important reason for that success and state why.;4. Envision that you are a systems administrator managing five different Web servers for your company. Each Web server supports multiple applications. Your general responsibilities include ensuring reliability and performance for all Web applications. In addition, you must simplify administration tasks for the servers. From the second e-Activity, decide which you would choose to deploy on your servers: IIS or Apache. Support your decision.;each question should have a few sentences for each answer and in number format. these are just questions not a paper.


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