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CSC 130 Power Series




Import the attached Eclipse project and the necessary classes and methods. Do not change my code. You may only add additional classes with their associated methods.;Write two classes that will interface with the attached code. (note the use of the Java Math library);The first class is the FibonacciSequence class. You will need to include the following methods for this class;void printSequence(int count);boolean validStartNumbers(int firstNumber, int secondNumber);void printSequence(int firstNumber, int secondNumber, int count);void resetSequence();The second class is the PowerSeries class. You will need to include the following methods for this class;void setX(double valueOfX);void setNumOfTerms(int numberOfTerms);double run_eTo_xSeries();double run_sin_Of_xSeries();You will also need my math2 class which is included in this project file. It has a method int factorial(int newInt) that returns the value of X!(x factorial). You will need this for the power series methods.;The following power series formulas are given as a help.;The geometric series formula;which is valid for, is one of the most important examples of a power series, as are the exponential function formula;Also valid for. and the sine formula;valid for all real x. Do to programming restrictions I restrict this sin series to 0 to Pi/2. I also restrict each of the series from 1 to 17 or 20 depending on the series. Again this is due to programming ease and not having to build special numeric constructs.;These references come from:;(hint: think about how to use for loops)


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