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CSE 142, Spring 2014 Programming Assignment #4: Gradanator




CSE 142, Spring 2014 Programming Assignment #4: Gradanator;This interactive program focuses on if/else statements, Scanner, and returning values. Turn in a file named; To use a Scanner for console input, you must import java.util.*, in your code. The program;prompts a student for grades on homework and two exams and uses them to compute the student's course grade.;Below is one example log of execution from the program. This program behaves differently depending on the user input, user;input is bold and underlined below to make it stand out. Your output should match our examples exactly given the same input.;(Be mindful of spacing, such as after input prompts and between output sections.) Look at the other example logs on the;course web site and on the next page to get more examples of the;program's behavior.;The program begins with an introduction message that briefly;explains the program. The program then reads scores in three;categories: midterm, homework and final. Each category is;weighted: its points are scaled up to a fraction of the 100 percent;grade for the course. As the program begins reading each category;it first prompts for the category's weight.;The user begins by entering scores earned on the midterm. The;program asks whether exam scores were shifted, interpreting an;answer of 1 to mean ?yes? and 2 to mean ?no.? If there is a shift;the program prompts for the shift amount, and the shift is added to;the user's midterm score. Exam scores are capped at a max of 100;for example, if the user got 95 and there was a shift of 10, the score;to use would be 100. The midterm's ?weighted score? is printed;which is equal to the user's score multiplied by the exam's weight.;Next, the program prompts for data about the final. This behavior;is the same as the behavior for the midterm.;Next, the user enters information about his/her homework;including the weight and how many assignments were given. For;each assignment, the user enters a score and points possible. Use a;cumulative sum as in textbook section 4.2.;Section attendance is included in the homework category. You should assume that each section attended is worth 3 points, up;to a maximum of 20 points. This means that section points are capped to 20 before they are added to the homework category.;Once the program has read the user information for both exams and homework, it prints the student's overall percentage earned;in the course, which is the sum of the weighted scores from the three categories, as shown below


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