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ABC Inc. estimates its daily value-at-risk (VaR1)...




ABC Inc. estimates its daily value-at-risk (VaR1) is $15,000. Management thinks that its VaRX is $47,434.17. What holding period is assumed to measure such a VaR exposure? ____ A) 5 days B) 10 days C) 15 days D) 20 days The most important development that has reduced banks? income advantages in the past thirty years includes ____ A) The growth of securitization B) The growth of the commercial paper market C) The growth of the junk bond market D) All of the above HSBC Finance is an example of ____ A) Captive finance company B) Business credit institution C) Floor plan finance company D) Personal credit institution Among the following financial institutions, which one holds the least liquid assets? ____ A) Property and casualty (P&C) insurance companies B) Life insurance companies C) Commercial banks D) Money market mutual funds


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