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The attached spreadsheet contains personnel data. The CEO of the company needs demographic summary data for a potential future salary action.;Create a manager summary report that includes head count and salary by manager.;Insert a pivot table on a new worksheet.;Choose "Manager," "Job Title," and "Full Name" as row labels. Limit the Manager Row labels to the 3 managers only (exclude the CEO and CEO direct reports as well as any blank data).;Choose "Full Name" and "Salary" as sum values, and change the Sum of Salary to Average of Salary. Format the Salary listing to be currency, rounded to whole dollars.;There should be a Summary line for each manager showing total head count and average salary.;Name the new worksheet "Heads and Salary By Manager.;Create a pie chart depicting the head count by job title.;Insert a pivot chart on a new worksheet. Change the chart type to "Pie.;Choose "Job Title" as the Category (exclude the CEO job description as a category).;Choose "Job Title" as sum values, and show the head count as a data label on each slice. Add a chart title called "Head Count by Job Title." Name the new worksheet "Heads By Job Title Pie.


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