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Throughout your college career you will be required to conduct research. The Internet is a great source for locating scholastic sources for your research. At times you will locate far more resources than you need and will have to evaluate each source to determine its scholarly appropriateness. Throughout your research you will also identify resources that may seem credible but actually provide false information in which case, you will need to conduct additional research to further support your claim. In this assignment, you will create a presentation that will not only share your ideas on the impact of technology but will also demonstrate your ability to research additional topics to support your ideas.;After you have researched current and future Computer and Information Technology, create a presentation addressing the following items;Explain the meaning and application of Computing and Information Technology as it relates to you as a student.;Discuss how newer technology will produce career opportunities for you.;Discuss how changes in technology will impact how computers are used in the future for personal and work use.;Discuss appropriately use Internet search engines, databases, and electronic libraries in academic research and preparation of papers.;Conclude your presentation with a summary of your goals on how you plan to adopt, use existing, and apply new technology to your work as a student.;In your PowerPoint presentation, remember to include the following key presentation elements;Title page;A cohesive slide design;Clip Art or an image;One of the following: shape, graph, smart art or hyperlink;Narration (via notes section);Resources;Please submit your assignment (7-10 PowerPoint slides with notes).


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