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CSIT 105 exam 1




;;CSIT 105 Exam 1;1);Being ________ means being familiar enough with computers that you understand their capabilities and limitations. (1 point);technology literate;computer competent;computer savvy;computer literate;2);Unwanted or junk e-mail is called ________. (1 point);spam;spyware;adware;software;3);The process of searching huge amounts of data with the hope of finding a pattern is called ________. (1 point);data retrieval;data searching;data mining;data warehousing;4);The technology called QR codes stands for ________. (1 point);quiet reader;quick response;quiet response;quick reaction;5);One potential application of ________ is to provide sight to the blind. (1 point);VeriChips;biomedical chip implants;RFID tags;patient simulators;6);Which of the following is an example of data mining? (1 point);An Excel spreadsheet listing all employees and their annual salaries in a random order;A printout of all sales taken from the register at the end of the day;Raw data from questionnaires given at the mall;Amazon providing you with a list of books you might enjoy;7);The difference between people with access to computers and the Internet and those without this access is known as the ________. (1 point);digital divide;Web divide;Internet divide;broadband divide;8);Which of the following software can best be used to help create digital art? (1 point);Microsoft Word;Microsoft Excel;Adobe Illustrator;Adobe Acrobat;9);is the gathering together of groups of people using online tools to connect and exchange ideas. (1 point);Affective computing;Collaborative consumption;Information technology;Social networking;10);The crisis-mapping tool ________ can collect information to make instantly and publicly available for use in emergencies. (1 point);The Witness Project;data mining;Marahabaa;Ushahidi;11);Analyzing computer systems to gather potential legal evidence is ________. (1 point);computer detectives;forensics detectives;computer forensics;computer enforcement;12);Joining together as a group to use a specific product more efficiently is called ________. (1 point);creative surplus;collaborative consumption;social networking;affective computing;13);Affective computing is ________. (1 point);being able to recognize human fingerprints;speaking human language;computing that relates to emotions;performing calculations faster than humans;14);What?s the best type of computer for a sales rep who travels extensively and often needs to take notes and show product spec pages to clients in their offices, but has no need for high-performance graphics?(1 point);All-In-One PC;Tablet PC;PC Notebook;15);Which of the following is the best reason why somebody might choose a Mac Book Pro? (1 point);Needs a portable system with Internet access.;Needs access to a portable system that can be used to present PowerPoint Presentations.;Needs a portable system with high-performance graphical capabilities.;16);Which of the following is not a computer peripheral? (1 point);Printer;Motherboard;Keyboard and mouse;17);Which of the following is your computer?s main memory that holds programs, data, and instructions currently in use for quick access by the processor? (1 point);RAM;USB Flash;ROM;18);Computers use the ________ language consisting of 0s and 1s. (1 point);symbol;system;binary;byte;19);Which of the following is the largest unit of measure for the size of a computer file? (1 point);Petabyte;Megabyte;Gigabyte;Terabyte;20);Any part of the computer that you can touch is called ________. (1 point);software;hardware;operating system;input;21);The term "bit" is short for ________. (1 point);megabyte;binary digit;binary number;binary language;22);What type of computer is the Apple iPad?(1 point);Netbook;Tablet computer;Notebook;Tablet PC;23);The ________ contains the central electronic components of the computer. (1 point);system unit;peripheral unit;input unit;motherboard;24);In binary language, each letter of the alphabet, each number, and each special character is made up of a unique combination of ________. (1 point);eight characters;eight kilobytes;eight bits;eight bytes;25);A keyboard and mouse are examples of ________ devices. (1 point);storage;output;input;processing;26);Apple developed ________ Mouse, which is the first multitouch wireless mouse. (1 point);Taboo;Magic;Trick;Touch


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