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US Parcel Inc has 9000 shares of stock outstanding...




US Parcel Inc has 9000 shares of stock outstanding and a current stock price of $25.00 per share. The company has no debt. The company is currently short on cash and announces that instead of a cash dividend they will pay the following stock dividend: one new share of stock for each 10 shares held (that is a 10% stock dividend). What will the new price per share if US Parcel be after the stock dividend goes into effect? 1. 22.73 2. 24.56 3. 25.32 4. 28.67 5. 29.43 Yahoo is currently trading at $50 per share. You have 10,000 shares of Yahoo. The company is going to announce a two-for-one stock split to the public. What is the value of your stock after the stock split? 1. $25 2. $50 3. $75 4. $100 5. $125


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