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This project will test your ability to analyze data in a SQL database to obtain information. To complete this project, you will need to answer the list of questions and show your work. Scripts will be provided to create your database and load it with information. Create a SSRS report that displays the information necessary to answer the questions below. You may create multiple reports if necessary.;Run the create_FinalDB.sql script to create the database. If you need to start over for any reason, use the drop_FinalDB.sql script to delete the database. You will need to re-do steps #1 and #2.;Run the LoadSampleData.sql script to populate the database with data.;Create a SQL Server Reporting Services report that displays information in a manner that allows you to answer the following questions (multiple reports, if necessary);What percentage of students have a class level of Senior?;What course has received the most posting activity?;Which course has the most assignments?;What date has the most posting activity?;Does there appear to be a correlation between positing activity and better scores on assignments for students? Support your answer with information from the data.;Bonus Question/Extra Credit (Tough Question);Which type of student (TRAD/Non-Trad), on average, has more posting activity?;Grant access to the report(s) to your instructor.;Notify your instructor when your report is ready for submission by submitting your report within the assignment drop box.


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