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CIS170 Lab 1 in C++




You need to write a program that calculates and displays the take-home pay for a commissioned sales employee along with all of the deductions.;Input: Prompt the user for the weekly sales.;Process: Perform the calculations. The employee receives 7% of his or her total sales as his or her gross pay. His or her federal tax rate is 18%. He or she contributes 10% to his or her retirement program and 6% to Social Security.;Output: Display the results;Sample Output from Lab 1;Enter Weekly Sales: 28000;Total Sales: 28000.00;Gross pay (7%): 1960.00;Federal tax paid: 352.80;Social security paid: 117.60;Retirement contribution: 196.00;Total deductions: 666.40;Take home pay: 1293.60;Press any key to continue...;Flowchart: (continued on next page);Pseudo Code;1. Declare variables;2. Accept Input - weeklySales;3. Calculate Gross Pay = Weekly Sales *.07;4. Calculate Federal Tax = Gross Pay *.18;5. Calculate Social Security = Gross Pay *.06;6. Calculate Retirement = Gross Pay *.1;7. Calculate Total Deductions = Federal Tax + Social Security + Retirement;8. Calculate Total Take Home Pay = Gross Pay - Total Deductions;9. Display the following on separate lines and format variables with $ and decimal.;a. Total Sales Amount: value of weekly sales;b. Gross Pay (.07): value of gross pay;c. Federal Tax paid (.18): value of federal tax;d. Social Security paid (.06): value of social security;e. Retirement contribution (.1): value of retirement;f. Total Deductions: value of total deductions;g. Take Home Pay: value of take home pay;Note: Use SetPrecisions(2) to format the output (see page 98 of the text). The statements should look something like the following;//include the iomanip header file at the top of the file;#include;//use fixed and setprecision(2) to format the number;//use setw(8) to control the width of the field;//use \t to control the spacing between fields;cout << fixed << setprecision(2);cout << "Gross Pay (0.07):\t $" << setw(8) << grossPay << endl


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