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Digital Citizenship in Education IP5




You have been asked to present a workshop to your school?s staff using a free Web 2.0 tool that summarizes what it means to be an effective digital citizen.;?Use one of the following free Web 2.0 tools: ?Web 2.0 tool 1;?Web 2.0 tool 2;?Web 2.0 tool 3;?Web 2.0 tool 4;?The presentation must contain the following: ?12 key points: ?3 key learnings from each of this course?s first 4 units that relate directly to what is means to be an effective digital citizen.;?12 images (1 for each key learning);?At least 1 video or audio recording ?Online videos can be inserted into some of these tools.;?A description of your work setting;?A discussion of the important issues you discovered;?A discussion of how you will handle these issues within your work setting;?Attribution to any comments, images, and video you use if they are not yours


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