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A Magic Square is a two-dimensional array of positive integers such that the sum of each row, column;and diagonal is the same constant. For example;16;3;2;13;5;10;11;8;9;6;7;12;4;15;14;1;is a magic square whose constant is 34. Write a program that takes 16 integers as inputs.;The program should determine whether or not the square is a magic square and display the;result in a message to the user.;Additionally;In addition to the matrix above, your program must work for each of these magic squares, without recompiling the code.;2 rows - 2 columns;1;2;3;4;3 rows - 3 columns;3;3;3;3;3;3;3;3;3;5 rows - 5 columns;11;10;4;23;17;18;12;6;5;24;25;19;13;7;1;2;21;20;14;8;9;3;22;16;15;Each of these matrices should be stored in it?s own data file. (Store them with one number per line.);When the user indicates which matrix he/she wants to check, your program should open the appropriate;file and read the data into your program.;Your program should print out the matrix that you?ve just checked, and display a message as to whether;the matrix is a magic square or not.


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