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(3-1) Greene Sisters has a DSO of 20 days. The com...




(3-1) Greene Sisters has a DSO of 20 days. The company?s average daily sales are $20,000. What is the level of its account receivable? Assume there are 365 days in a year. (3-2) Vigo Vacations has an equity multiplier of 2.5. The company?s assets are finance with some combination of long-term debt and common equity. What?s the company?s debt ratio? (3-3) Winston Washer?s stock price is $75 per share. Winston has $10 billion in total assets. Its balance sheet shows $1 billion in current liabilities, $3 billion in long-term debt and $6 billion in common equity. It has 800 million shares of common stock outstanding. What is Winston?s market/book ratio? (3-4) A company has an ESP of $1.50, a cash flow per share of $3.00, and a price/cash flow ratio of 8.0. What is its P/E ratio? (3-5) Needham Pharmaceuticals has a profit margin of 3% and an equity multiplier of 2.0. Its sales are $100 million and it has total assets of $50 million. What is its ROE? (3-6) Donaldson & Son has an ROA of 10%, a 2% profit margin, and a return on equity equal to 15%. What is the total assets turnover? What is the firm?s equity multiplier? (3-7) Ace Industries has current assets equal to $3 million. The company?s current ratio is 1.5, and its quick ratio is 1.0. What is the firm?s level of current liabilities? What is the firm?s level of inventories?


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